Friday, October 11, 2019

1986 BMW R80RT – for sale

The BMW R80RT is the first iteration of the company’s venerated RT line-up.  At the time of this model’s original manufacture, it was among the only motorcycles that came with factory-installed wind protection.  Recall that before this, Craig Vetter and others made bank providing fairings for all manner of BMW and Honda 750-fours.  This RT is a direct descendant of the company’s slash-5 and slash-7 machines, noted for their engine durability and overall rider comfort.  The wind protection simply sweetened the pot.

This thirty-three-year-old motorcycle has just over 32,000 miles on the clock.  Upon my inheritance of the machine, took it to the Zen House** in Point Arena where renown owner/mechanic Dave Harris replaced all seals, installed a new clutch (because he was in there, so why not?), synced the carbs, refreshed the rear tire, corrected a faring strut and gave the machine a good and thorough once over.  (A receipt is available.)  Upon my picking it up, Dave said, “It’s ready to be ridden around the world.” 

My first experience on this model happened in 1984 when Ozzie, owner of Chico’s BMW shop, loaned me his while my R65 was in for service.  I’d wanted one ever since.  Last year, when my brother became incapacitated due to an industrial accident, I purchased it from him.  Although the thing runs like it just came off the factory floor, I have found that I enjoy riding my Yamaha Super Tenere more, thus, the Beemer has been collecting dust since Dave Harris serviced it.  It’s a shame.

Some notes:
·      The battery dates back to August 15, 2018 and needs an occasional boost due to lack of use.
·      The both tires are tubeless, but the front tire requires a tube because of a leak that is so slight neither Mr. Harris nor I could find its origin.
·      A good length of fuel line is included as the ones on the machine may be due for replacement; as are some float bowl gaskets.
·      Factory panniers (molded plastic saddle bags) come with it.

Having invested over $4000.00 in its purchase and mechanical restoration I would like to get three grand out of it – however, what I’d really like to see is it back on the road with the right owner.

If you know of someone who may be interested, please pass this information along to him or her.

Terms of any sale: cash or cashier’s check.

Test rides will be offered only to licensed motorcycle operators old enough to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of a motorcycle such as this.

Contact:  Dave Delgardo –*

Final notes:  This machine is the subject of an upcoming article in Rider magazine describing my first ride after picking it up in Point Arena.  Look for that issue in the next couple of months.

*The Church of the Open Road is a blog dedicated to motorcycling through Northern California and the West.  Check it out at

** Info on "Zen House" in Point Arena, California:

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