Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Initial Product Review

Last week, my new pair of Sliders arrived via parcel post.  I ordered them with cargo pockets: a feature that would give me access to my little camera without having to hang it on my belt or fumble with a tank bag zipper.  I was impressed with the soft texture of the khaki fabric.  These felt like pants, rather than riding pants.  Also impressive was the workmanship involved in stitching layers of cotton and Kevlar and mesh together.

One thing missing was the armor I’d grown used to.  The catalog suggests that for about ten dollars more, one can purchase CE approved inserts that fit nicely into some interior pockets at the knee.  I missed how to order these when I purchased on-line – a circumstance I’ve since rectified.

Upon their arrival, I put ‘em on and traipsed around the house. Right out of the box, the Sliders felt soft and broken in.  I did some squats (ultimately having to use a dining room chair to get my creaky knees fully straightened back out – yikes!) and found plenty of room for leg movement. 

The following day, I mounted the Guzzi and headed out for a little get acquainted tour.  Temps would range between 58 and 90.  I’d read that these trousers might feel a tad warm but my impression was that, rather than being too warm, they were successful in insulating my ankles from heat I sometimes feel blowing over the Breva’s heads.  

I purchased this pair with an inseam two inches longer than my street clothes.  The Sliders seemed to crest the tops of my riding shoes, but stayed below the tops of my more substantial boots.  The cargo pockets stowed the camera quite nicely although buttoning and unbuttoning the pockets invited fumble.  I found the camera quite secure with the pockets unbuttoned.

Getting on and off the bike multiple times for breaks and walks, I felt as if the belt I was wearing looped around my midsection where I wanted it to, not lower as was my niggle with the expensive, bike-labeled brand I’ve worn and liked for some time.  (I also own some rather cheesy denim riding jeans that I purchased just because they were denim.  They really have some fit issues.) Engaging in a little rock scramble to get a particular picture, I noted ample room in the Sliders and no binding.  “Relaxed fit,” I think they call this.

After six hours in the saddle I came home and sat down to check e-mail and do a little office work.  Two hours later, I realized I was still wearing the motorcycle pants.  I guess that says something about their comfort.

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