Saturday, January 7, 2017


… in words and pictures

I’m not much of a photographer, although sometimes something likeable will come from a series of shots taken on the road or trail.  I’m on my third pretty-good Panasonic camera (with an excellent Leica lens) for which I will credit much of my photographic fortune.  Here are a few pictures that turned out pretty well last year:

January:  Sonoma County’s wine country is glorious any time of year.

Old barns will always make me stop and ponder the days of cooperative effort it took to build ‘em.

February:  The Triumph Thunderbird replaced both my Italian and my German scoots.  A pleasure to both ride and look at, the T-Bird is found in more than its fair share of photos.

Fishing access to San Pablo Bay off CA 37.

March:  An historic crossing of the Eel River at Benbow.  Check out the Inn’s accommodations there.

Iris in the sunshine on the trail near the house

April:  Who could not be moved by a visit to lower Manhattan’s 911 Memorial?

The Triumph poses in West Marin County.

May:  This guy looked like he didn’t want us visiting his turf.

Close up of toothed blade at the High Dessert Museum’s mill reproduction in central Oregon.

June:  A creature great and small.

Typical view through the windshield.

July:  Humboldt’s Mattole Road near Cape Mendocino.

Sunset at Sonoma County’s Sea Ranch.

August:  Old trucks fascinate me, as do old barns.  Many, I’m sure, have stories to tell.  This one did.

A couple from Tasmania happened through on this vintage Guzzi having crossed our continent on it.  My little adventures pale in comparison.

September:  My two favorite traveling partners sneak up on an elk herd at nearby (and nearly dry) Lake Pillsbury.

Hugs and kite.

Meeting new friends on Hull Mountain.

October:  First major road trip on the Triumph.  Ice age effects on ancient volcanic peak.

Have you ever noticed that fire lookouts always seem to have tremendous views?  Why is that?

November:  Shore bird.

More birds.

December:  Time travel trip: Life off the grid (before there was a grid) at the Carrizo Plain.

Derelict implement.

My favorite travel partner (and her dog Edward.)

Shot of the Year – Second Runner Up:  Old truck.

Shot of the Year – Runner Up:  The World Trade Center.

Shot of the Year:  I don’t know why I like this shot.  It is simply a raccoon footprint in the mud, but the lighting last January had my eyes playing tricks on me.

2016 played a lot of tricks on me – perhaps many of us – it turns out.

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  1. All great photographs. I always enjoy seeing your pictures as they have great composition and tell a story well with your narrative.

    The raccoon paw print is pretty cool, I will agree, but I really like the iris too.

    1. Thanks. Looking forward to more adventures in '17. Hope you'll continue to come along for the ride...

  2. Wonderful year in review Dave! Great photos!

  3. Yessir! Very nice photos! I don't recall how I stumbled upon this blog but I had it bookmarked :) Thank you for sharing your travels...