Friday, June 2, 2017


No longer employed in a gig requiring button-down collars and pants with creases, I enjoy a semi-annual trip to the haberdashery in the next town over to purchase a pair of dungarees or two and a durable twill or plaid shirt or two.  I’ve dropped in frequently enough over the past two-and-a-half years that the gent behind the counter seems to recognize me.

After digging through a rack of tightly packed shirts, I pulled two Carhartt short-sleeved samples and headed to the jeans department.  There, I settled on pair of blue denim work pants, also Carhartts – sans the hammer loop, this time – and moved toward the counter.

“What’s new?” asked the clerk, as he slid my goods his way on the counter.

Handing him my debit card, I said, “Well, we just bought us an electric car.”


“Yeah.  The bad news is I had to sell my pick up.”

Dropping his gaze and with a slight shake of his head, he handed my card back to me, unswiped, and said, gathering up my shirts and pants, “I’ll just restock these.” 

I’m sure my faced looked quizzical.

“Cain’t have you wearin’ these workin’ duds if yer gonna give up yer truck so’s you can go out and drive an ee-lectric car.  Least not in these parts.”

My neighbor says he has a truck I can borrow next time I need to get some clothes.

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  1. This made me chuckle. At least the owner/employee has a sense of humor.

    Last time you were there, didn't someone buy the shirt you wanted?