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…An annual album of travel and adventure…

January:  Hood River, Oregon, on the mighty Columbia has me thinking of Lewis and Clark and their penchant for exploration.  I'd like to think I share it...

At Santa Rosa’s second Women’s March, many carried compelling placards; but, to me, this little guy’s face said it all.

There’s a network of trails just outside our house.  Each day, something wonderful appears…

February:  A trip to New York’s Broadway to see three productions; but this display was the most moving.

On the sidewalks of New York.

Nearer to home, sunset over Tomales Bay.

March:  Springtime in Chico’s Bidwell Park.

A visit to the momentarily lush Carrizo plain…

… with its hillsides painted in neon.

April:  Ansel Adams had good stuff with which to work.

Archive photo:  My first visit to Yosemite, circa 1954.

A favored trip on the bike often starts with breakfast at a favored café…

… and includes stops to check out the details nature provides.

May:  On one of those trails behind the house, Edward stops at “Edward’s Crossing.”  

(He preferred things before this bridge was built across his little rill.)

I’d like folks to think I know what this flower is.

June:  One of many trips to the nearby coast…

… and the Point Arena Lighthouse…

… followed by a glorious run (is there any other kind?) up the fabulous PCH.

JulyWha’chu lookin’ at?

Wyoming/Montana’s Beartooth Pass is one of the top 2 or 3 motorcycle roads on the continent.

I did it on a rented 400cc Royal Enfield with as much enthusiasm and awe as my buddy on his 1200cc Triumph triple.

I loved that bike so much, I snapped a farewell portrait before returning it to the rental place.

August:  Revisiting one of the most beautiful places on earth to celebrate the passing of the last mom of my growing-up neighborhood.

September:  Art you can drive.

Viewing California’s remote Salmon River from a new-to-me road…

… followed by a stretch along Humboldt County’s equally remote Mattole Road out by the coast.

October:  Exploring the Coast Range’s Yuki Wilderness allows me to check another something off the bucket list.

A visit to the ranch and a view of a century-old bridge that’d seen better days.

November: The ravages of our local California wildfire.

December:  This oak is adjacent to a favored trail on Lake Sonoma.  The mid-morning low December sun ignited the rain-freshened moss on her bark.

A view of the bay from Mount Tam on an unexpectedly beautiful day.  

(If we could encourage about 75% of Marin County residents to relocate to the mid-west, it’d be just about uncrowded enough for me to want to live there.)

Of the Year Shots and Thoughts:  This book may not have been the greatest work of literature I’ve read in the last twelve months, but it’s the one that sticks with me the most.

Shot of the Year Honorable Mention:  Just because he’s such a good pal and this portrait makes me laugh so…

Shot of the Year: Second Runner-up: Something about this twenty-first century toss-away chair positioned in front of this mid-20th century relic seemed incongruous.

Shot of the Year: Runner-up:  The majestic and the miniscule.

Shot of the Year:  Shadow of the Empire State Building.

Moving on:  As we advance into 2020, perhaps the best way to see 20:20 is to escape as often as possible; escape from the screens and the media and the bluster; escape to find one thing – one thing! – daily, or at least weekly; one thing that prompts us to say "Wow!”  

Let’s consider this our assignment.

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