Wednesday, December 30, 2015


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January: an annual trip to the Seattle area includes an annual trip to Moto Guzzi heaven: Moto International.  The church has coveted the California 1400 Touring for twelve months now…

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… and although I’ve been very good, apparently Santa didn’t get the memo on this.

Returning to California, Folsom Lake approaches historic lows as the drought continues.
And we find the first of many photogenic old trucks.

February:  There’s still enough water in Folsom Lake to allow Edward (the lab mix) a shot at his favorite pastime.

March:  The “Church” is ready to try out more road worthy (less gravel worthy) tires on the BMW.
 Old truck II

April:  We search for our roots knowing that “the old timer” (Dad) worked on the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad as a kid out of high school.
We found the T and T station at Rhyolite but also found out that Dad, in his youth never worked this far north on the line.
On the same trip, we visited the lowest point in the United States somewhat disappointed that we didn’t run across the debate of a major US political party at this place.
The subtle colors of Death Valley inspire awe.
The drive home on the Beemer, however, still inspires shivers.  28 degrees and dropping over Emigrant Pass.  Damned happy, I was, to be sporting those new tires, I'll tell you what!

June:  We revisit old stomping grounds in Tuolumne County including Pinecrest Lake…

…and Sonora Pass.

July:  Yet another old truck

And a visit to the incomparable Big Sur Coast with its rocky shoals…

…and perched security posts.

Still, our Pacific Coast north of San Francisco Bay offers much to appreciate.

In another adventure, we revisit Glenn County’s Simpson Camp after a 50 year absence; the first roughing-it sojourn in the worthy Subaru Forester.

August included a planned loop including a trip through Bend, OR, cut short by the mechanical failure of my riding buddy’s Stelvio,

…prompting my smoky trip to the coast through the fire-ravaged hills along CA 299.

Fixing what ails those of us who age took me out of the saddle for a longer-than-expected period.

September’s trial run on the Guzzi proved I wasn’t yet ready for the long haul.

October: So we explored in the pickup and on foot.  The upside is that companion Edward could join on adventures.
Old Truck IV
And we discover a nearly drained Lake Pillsbury.  It seems the drought affected everyone, not just those of us who used to live near Folsom Lake.

November:  Trips to Chico found us crossing the Sacramento Valley enjoying its subtle beauties…
…and some of her denizens.
An old Victorian reminds us that something did happen in Artois, a town that I-5 later passed right by.
Rather than cook on Thanksgiving we sought out a hike at Point Reyes…
…and enjoyed a close up of a member of its repopulating elk herd.

December found us in Texas -  our home state’s greatest competitor for both jobs and cool.  A dogtrot cabin served as a nice place for a little break.
Not an Old Truck I
The top of a red granite knob proved that Texas, too, has some pristine places worth our pause.

Shot of the Year  Second Runner Up:  “I’ll have the Bourbon.  On the porch, please.”

First Runner Up:  “Wha’chu lookin’ at?”

Shot of the Year:  “The Works of Man and Nature.”

The Church of the Open Road wishes all a pleasurable and adventuresome 2016.  We hope to see you on the road.  Ride safe.

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  1. A great look back at 2015. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    1. Thanks. Hoping our paths somehow cross in 2016...