Wednesday, August 31, 2016

OUT OF TOWN VISITORS - a follow-up

a follow-up

For those of us who may enjoy the adventures of others as well as their own, there’s this…

Kerry and Paul Dickson, residents of the Australian state of Tazmania, recently enjoyed a North American adventure wherein they acquired a 41-year-old Moto Guzzi El Dorado (think about that) in Nova Scotia and piloted her (her name was “Ellie”) across southern Canada the northern reaches of the United States. 

Their tour took the better part of two months and is chronicled in a blog they kept called “Sure Why Not?”

Along the way, they encountered beautiful scenery, wonderful people and a few issues keeping the old girl together for the duration.  But what a story!

A former member of the Guzzi community, Candi and I had the pleasure of hosting Paul and Kerry for an evening of wine, dining, road tales and (for them) rest before their final day’s run into San Francisco.  What a delight!

Courtesy: Paul and Kerry Dickson
Here is the link to the travel blog they maintained.

Sit down with your favorite spirit, spend an hour or so on their website and enjoy the ride with them.  (Understand that the series of posts will appear with the last day of their travels, first.)

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