Friday, October 13, 2017


Lots of times, when my people say, “We’ll be right back,” they don’t come right back.  It makes me sad.  But this time, they took me along.  It was fun.

My people played a game called “Where’s Edward now?”  They took pictures of me.  Their friends guessed where I was.

Here I am at the McCloud Hotel.  (Someone guessed this.)

I like to go ride-ride in the car.

Here I am at Middle Falls.  (Someone guessed this!)

I adore Mom.

I’d like to play “stick” here.

Some places smell funny.

I get to walk with Mom.

I’d like to get this.

I’d like to play “stick” here.

I adore Dad.

Here I am at Sorensen’s Resort in Hope Valley.  (Someone guessed this.)

It is a cozy place.

Here I am at Monitor Pass.  (No one guessed this.)

I like to walk.

Mom and Dad went to a bookstore in Sonora.  The nice bookstore lady asked, “Where is Edward now?”

They let me come inside.

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