Monday, December 24, 2018


Another year of travel and adventure…

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Sunshine, an old barn and dry pavement.  An upside of climate change might include that January 1stis a good day for a little ride.

Pigeon Point Light Station in silhouette.

Discovering the place where old Willys Jeeps are born again.

Sand dollar and its track across the beach.  Who knew?

Old Schoolhouse #1.

Study of a Lake County marsh.

Evidence of Bruce Wayne’s rather unceremonious demise.

Manzanar, again.  Lest we forget.

Return to Simpson Camp.  Will revisit with Mom in May 2019.

A full-to-the-brim Pinecrest.

All-too-frequent hillside scene #1.

The Painted Hills of the John Day Fossil Beds.

View from Wallowa Peak.

All-too-frequent hillside scene #2.

Old Schoolhouse #2.  [Hells Bend School. “Gimme an H!  H! Gimme an E! E! ... ”]

The family adds a new member.

Budapest cathedral.

Danube panorama.

Czech village.

People you meet on the road.

Into the Klamaths.

Art you can drive.

Going for a physical.

A perfunctory picture at Portrait Point.

Our carbon footprint gets smaller.

Shots of the Year:

3rd Runner-up:  The cat who owns at least the barn – maybe the entire ranch.

2nd Runner-up: Shades of “The Great Escape.”  Seventy-five years ago, people died trying to cross the Czech-Austrian border.  We breezed through in a tour bus.

1st Runner-up:  Enrico, the Yamaha, heads toward the Marble Mountains seemingly without me!

Shot of the Year:

Sunrise in Central Oregon.

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