Saturday, June 1, 2013


Plastic shopping bags are little more than a convenient non-necessity.  The discontinuation of their production would not negatively impact the general populous.  There are other ways to haul our groceries home.

The plastic bag industry’s business model centers on the production of something we don’t need, creates refuse issues in communities and along our highways, and results in demonstrable plastic pollution far out at sea.  But because “2,000 California jobs would be at stake” if it passes, “for the sake of our state’s fragile economy,” the ban must be defeated.  Their lobby’s job killer argument demonstrates poor grasp of the term fragile and a sensationally clear disdain for the environment. 

To further argue: “This is not a big issue in my district.  It’s not like I get phone calls from people encouraging me to ban plastic bags…” as did my local state senator, simply means some in the legislature lack the ability to assume a leadership position on something we could all do without. 

Methinks my senator could better serve his constituency as a leader rather than a shill.

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