Tuesday, August 9, 2016


A product review

Over the nine-plus years that I’d owned my trusty Tour Master Coaster II leather jacket, somehow the thing had shrunk – just hanging there in the closet.  The process was gradual having occurred hand-in-hand with an increased consumption of bacon-cheeseburgers on my part.  Regardless of the cause of the “shrinkage,” it was time for me to find a replacement, so I did a little shopping around and recently dropped five bills on a Fox Creek Vented Racing Jacket. 

Shortly, I hopped astride the T-Bird and, with the chest and back vents open, headed out toward Napa, then across the Sacramento Valley with temps rising to mid-80s.  When the mercury started to embrace 90, I transitioned to the summer weight Dianese I was carrying along. 

The following day found me at the 5,000-plus foot level in the Sierra, where the jacket was again employed, vents closed for a while, against the chill.

My impressions of this jacket are quite positive.  The thing is heavy like that lead apron they put on you when they’re doing dental x-rays.   

But with the vents open, it is cool and makes me feel secure – if that's the right word – no matter what the traffic conditions. The quality of this jacket is superior to anything I've ever owned and I thought I'd been buying good stuff in the past. The zippers are substantial and appear not prone to failure.  Their antique bronze finish is a nice touch.   
The leather itself is supple and thick – doubled in impact areas – very nicely finished and smells terrific coming out of the box.  Seams and stitching appear flawless. 

Having heard about this while doing my research, I did find that because of the thickness and structure of the front pockets – there are inside and outside pockets to contend with – I get a little "Dolly Parton" effect as the bottom of the jacket tends to migrate northward from my waist when in the saddle.  This is just an observation, by no means an annoyance.  Besides, those pockets are quite commodious capable of stowing extra gloves, the cell phone or the camera easily. 

I am looking forward to how this performs as the temperatures cool in the fall and through the winter as I zip in the liner that seems easily deployed and comes with a neck muffler designed to keep cold air from entering your helmet from beneath your chin.

I appreciate Fox Creek's corporate story – a Vietnam era entrepreneur who dabbled at one thing and another until he struck upon making really good stuff out of leather.  Stateside.  Equally impressive is Fox Creek’s customer service.  They took the time to contact me prior to shipping the jacket to ensure the size I ordered was correct for my build.

Not only do I think this may be the last leather jacket I'll need to purchase, I am now hoping for a grandson who rides to whom I can pass this on in about twenty-five years.  Earlier, if I don’t cut down on those bacon-cheeseburgers.


Note:  Fox Creek Leather’s web presence: https://www.foxcreekleather.com/

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