Sunday, January 17, 2010


THE JOURNEY, like faith, it is within you. Sometimes inaccessible, but never more than a fingertip’s reach away.

THE JOURNEY is assuaged when, on one of those endless, biting-cold winter days, she is pushed from the garage, cleaned – or at least dusted; and lovingly polished – even though the last thing done was to loving polish it just two weeks ago. Then pushed back into her secure storage.

The final step – after closing the garage portal – is to climb on. Squirm a bit to find the seat’s familiar sweet spot. Settle in. Twist the throttle: once, maybe twice.

Then simply believe.

© 2010
Church of the Open Road Press


  1. This is probably not meant to be allegorical, but I see it as such anyway.

    Great writing, Uncle Dave.

  2. ALeGORical - isn't he the former vice president who keeps warning us about impending environmental disaster?