Wednesday, July 21, 2010


MY BOOKS NEEDED REARRANGING. Too many volumes for the shelf space available. Works lying prone atop those standing neat and straight as soldiers. I would either throw out some or build more horizontal space.

I cleared the shelves.

Beginning to sort, I found each title endeared. Ones I’d finished or read more than once – and ones I’d dog-eared where I’d quit on them. These were the ones I owned finish to.

Within minutes, distracted by a bookmark, I restarted one, as if paying down on a debt.

The rest rested on the floor.

My little project would take some time.

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  1. I like that post. I know that feeling well- trying to organize, but getting distracted by an interesting book.

  2. "Yep, an altogether too familiar occurrence in our household. I cannot sort books without starting to read or re-read one, usually less than halfway through whatever current little project has gotten me going. We have books on every available surface in this place!"