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Our crack fact-check team here at the Church of the Open Road offers these follow-ups, updates and corrections from previous posts.

REGARDING DAY 12 – ALONG US ROUTE 1 NEAR ORLAND, MAINE: [July 4, 2011] Recall the post shared the frightening circumstance of coming across the scene of a motorcycle accident. The bike, a classic BMW R75 was resting “on its exhaust pipes and front wheel.” Comments from readers debated the good / evil quotient of mandatory helmet laws.

On September 7, the Church received another comment on that post. In its entirety, “Anonymous” said...
I am the unfortunate rider from the Orlando, Maine accident. I most definitely WAS wearing a helmet, and would not be writing this had I been not. I am all for individual rights...PLEASE wear your helmet!
Don’t know how the rider came across the Church of the Open Road website, but certainly glad he’s okay.

REGARDING CAPTAIN JACK, GENERAL CANBY AND THE CONCLUSION OF THE MODOC WAR: [July 24, 2011] Captain Jack’s given name as provided by Thompson (Argus Books, 1971) and used in the post was Keintpoos. The most recent exhibit at the California History Museum (1020 O Street, Sacramento) spells the name “Kintepaush.” Neither of these choices appear in my spell check, so flip a coin to vote for your favorite.

SPEAKING OF VOTING, REGARDING FOR THE GREATER GOOD, LET’S RETIRE THESE TERMS: [August 5, 2011] A reader suggested views on the Tea Party were misinformed and asked: “Have you been to T.E.A. Party meetings, Brilliant?”

Quite a conversation ensued regarding what representation means and whether folks feel they are adequately or appropriately represented. The Church recommends folks reread the post with the new comments. The former (and short-lived) Civics teacher in me says: “Yes, folks are appropriately represented.” My correspondent says: “No, we aren’t.”

In either case, the Church of the Open Road believes that the best way to get the representation one feels one deserves is to:
  1. campaign vigorously for the candidate who most closely represents one’s point of view; 
  2. after the election, pull back together by accepting the results; and 
  3. remember that, as Keith Richards and Mick Jagger opined: You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes…


The gathering did not start on time as one parishioner was waylaid by a police officer in an unmarked who, in the Safeway parking lot, was curious about the BMW R1200GSA, and “how might it compare to my older K1200RS?” After sitting on the big GS for a few moments, the deputy said, “Yes. I think I might like this better.”

Call to order: 

The gathering was called to order at 1:05. Truthfully, the group being made up of Democrats, Greens and other assorted liberals, the gathering was never really “called to order.”

Those present (no last names, please): Jeanne, John, Elaine, Sage, Ted, Paula, Toni and Dave. Sharon made a cameo appearance.

  • Dave opened the meeting by dropping his sandwich and soda at the curb of Washington Street. When opening his Coca Cola, the drink exhaled its secret toxic formula on the sidewalk. Not very “green” of him.
  • John reported that the pot-smoking young folks who frequent this locale “at 1:00 everyday” were pushed out by the group’s presence. John: How do you know this “everyday” detail?
  • Jeanne and Paula, who’d never met except on Facebook, greeted one another. Same for Jeanne and Dave, and Dave and Paula. Ted, who accompanied Paula, knew none of the others through Facebook. This may indicate that Ted spends a bit less time in virtual life than those of us who Facebook with frequency. 
  • Sage, Elaine’s 3-year-old grandson commented, “My name is Sage.”
  • Toni provided Dave with some world-class peppers she’d recently “put up.” Wow, Toni!
  • Discussion ensued regarding the evening’s presidential debate. There appeared to be some visible wincing during this exchange - but this may have simply been from the Coca Cola fumes.
  • Discussion ensued regarding the shift in county voter registrations in the mid-1970s.
  • Dave was “brought up to speed” about changes in the county since his departure some 18 years ago.
  • A moment of pensiveness followed kind comments about the late William Bernard, our buddy, good-guy and former superintendent of the Jamestown School District where several of us had, at one time or another, been employed.
  • The chairman of the county’s Democratic Central Committee wandered by and was greeted.
  • All participants received a bumper sticker (pictured below) to commemorate the gathering.


Folks sorta drifted away at about 2:15 or so.

THANKS FOR ACCEPTING this tongue-in-cheek review. Folks wishing additional copies of the bumper sticker need only PM “the Church” with an address and it'll send some out to you.

It was certainly terrific to finally meet folks!

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  1. The Church promised to attend a T E A Party meeting, but is currently on "grandbaby watch" with a grandson due any day now. Other things are on hold.