Monday, July 9, 2012


…from the great Colorado auto tour of 2012…

We’d come in for a simple cup of coffee while “the girls” engaged in their morning constitutional.  The menu in the coffee house was one of those huge black boards littered with item after item – breakfast lunch and snack – calligraphed in colorful if distracting chalk, including eats and coffee drinks I have no desire of ever trying.  Without an eyelid or two full of caffeine, it was futile to try to make sense of the big board.  All I wanted was coffee.

As I ordered, the missy behind the counter extracted a dozen hand-coiled rolls from an oven.

“Cinnamon?” I asked.

“Uh huh.”

I looked the counter girl up and down, my gaze resting on…
…the tray of freshly baked goods.  I guess I wanted more than simply coffee.

The confection arrived still warm and nicely iced with what appeared to be a cream cheese based glaze.  Forgetting I’d determined to photograph the cinnamon rolls consumed on this quest, I immediately plied the fork.  Beneath the baked crust, the breadstuff was delightfully flaky with a hint of saltiness balancing that sweet cream cheese glaze. 
Inside each curl, the light dusting of cinnamon grew a bit more intense as I found the soft, warm and slightly doughy center.  Throughout this exploration, I sipped a nice Italian Roast afforded me from an institutional Bunn coffee urn.

As the end became apparent, I slowed my consumption, reminding myself that these are moments to savor.  As I type, a single bite remains on the plate.  It will serve as my reward for finishing this review.


Other Gunnison Attractions:

Western State College (of Colorado) – nice place for a stroll; nice place to study.

Ol’ Miner Steakhouse – Four (4!) fine high country steak dinners with superbly prepared veges and taters, and a nice bottle of California red, all for a hundred bucks!  Welcome to the west.

The Gunnison Pioneer Museum – great collection of antique farm and mining equipment, two relocated one-room schoolhouses and some preserved motive power and rolling stock from the old days of narrow gauge.

Some of the collection:

Rebuilt Denver and Rio Grande Station and Water Tower
Checking out the narrow gauge steam loco

Accommodations inside the caboose
A barn holds 40+ antique or simply old autos.  Each with a local story.
Antique tractors dot the greens...
...most appear ready fire over and provide another day's work.
Two schoolhouses have been moved to the property.  Check out the glasswork on this one.
Worksheets!  The bane of every child's existence!
Info on the Gunnison / Crested Butte Pioneer Museum:

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  1. Thanks for making me really hungry. Cinnamon rolls and a steak dinner!