Friday, December 14, 2012


Friday, December 14, 2012

My Dear (fill in the representative):

The time has come to have a rational discussion about firearms in our country.  Too many innocent people have suffered and died because you and your colleagues are simply unwilling expend the political capital necessary to impose reasonable limits on private gun ownership.

Make no mistake: I am not in favor of taking guns away from the citizens of this nation.  However the Second Amendment’s “Right to Bear Arms” does not allow my neighbor to possess and surface-to-air missile or a nuclear warhead.  Neither should it allow for rapid-fire semi-automatic weapons or thirty-round clips.  Most of all, the Second Amendment should never have been allowed to trump the general citizenry’s right to life itself, which is what appears to have happened.

As my elected representative you are charged with protecting my interests against all enemies foreign and domestic.  You may begin by standing up to pressure groups – including our increasingly radicalized National Rifle Association – and put into place those firearm restrictions necessary to protect the citizenry’s most basic right.

Twenty-seven families in Connecticut might suggest that you are already at least a day late in this endeavor.


The Church of the Open Road

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