Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: The Crash of 2016

Those of us who are centrists – although judged by the far-far right to be leftists-liberal-socialists – can conger pretty compelling arguments that corporate America has seized control of the ship of state.  And we can back those concerns up with economic reality and historic reference. 

Many, on the other side of the divide, can’t or won’t.  Far too often, their pronouncements, when laid bare to scrutiny, prove to be little more than throwing crap against a wall and seeing what sticks.  Opposition to the Affordable Care Act, pillaring the IRS, demeaning the unemployed or under-employed, suppressing the minimum wage: all are examples that cannot withstand the weight of logical or historical or economic review.  Still we are bombarded with nonsense about “what the American people want” courtesy minions for an Economic Royalty that cares only for increasing their personal wealth.

Jurist: “How much is enough?”  Gordon Gecko: “More.”

Enter Thom Hartmann – a fellow I read years ago as I was introduced to ADD as an issue I would confront with students as a school principal.  Logic, data, research, reason and care defined the manner in which Hartmann viewed and invited discussion on this critical issue.

Twenty-five-plus books later, Hartmann is applying the same research and data-based approach to his views on our country’s economic condition.  What he sees is not pretty: the impact of big money, the coalition of Wall Street with a major media mogul, the sheep-like ignorance of too much of our populous.  And it is not new.  Hartmann posits that about four generations after a man-contrived catastrophe, that catastrophe will repeat itself.  Example: Market collapse 1929.  Market collapse 2009.  Cause?  The same.

“The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.” – Friedrich Hegel

Hartmann would support Hegel presenting gripping data to back up his claims and concerns.  He leaves me to want more for my country, not necessarily more for myself and certainly not more for the Economic Royal-folk who – I agree with him – are, again, seizing control.

“The Crash of 2016” is a frightening look at where we are headed.  It is well worth our time, and our thoughtful consideration.

See your local independent bookseller.


“The Crash of 2016 – The Plot to Destroy America and What We Can Do to Stop It”; Thom Hartmann; Twelve (an imprint of the Hachette Book Group), 2013.  $28.

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  1. I love how he references history in his books. Another great book he wrote is "Unequal Protection." Man, did that one piss me off.