Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 – TURNING PAGES – 2015

What inspires us to turn the page, round the bend or seek the next rise in the road?

Perhaps it’s our individual histories – our experience from previous pages, twists and bends and summits.  Something rewarded us, so we look forward to the next something.


Humankind has been celebrating mid-winter holidays, I surmise, since the time we feared the mid-day sun was shrinking into the southern horizon.  The nights grew long, the days cold.  Would it ever return north?  We hoped we’d packed in enough provision to see us through whatever was to happen.

Our revelry buoyed us against the cold and darkness.  We prayed that the sun would return and it did. 

Over the course of history, somewhere early on, we realized that spring followed the darkness and with the spring would come the warmth of sunnier days and some sort of rebirth.  Plenty would follow.

Fast forward a million and a half years or so: We no longer scrabble for food – well, most of us don’t – but we do battle the winter blues.  Combating those, we throw up a tree, spangle it with lights, roast a turkey or a ham, and share gifts and kisses.  Soon, we find ourselves reflecting about the year gone by and anticipating the one upcoming. 


Collectively and individually, our innate desire is to explore some next chapter.  We seek to unravel the mystery around some next bend.  We want to conquer some next summit that we’re sure will steal our breath.  And we know we’ll be welcomed back to the hearth when we return.

So one year closes and another opens with inspiration – perhaps a humans- only emotion.  Moving forward, we trust that our travels will be rewarded with wonder, bounty and love.  Maybe that’s why we keep turning pages.

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Church of the Open Road Pres

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