Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Sunsets are good.

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So are old barns.

And rainfall.

Rain fills our long-empty reservoirs…

…and allows us to water things.

It gives us green mountains to explore...

and blossoms promising spring…

…and blossoms promising spring.

The coast is nearby…

…where works of man are transformed into works of art.

The Great Central Valley, for a brief time, becomes a great inland sea.

Friends visit.

New routes west are explored; new views discovered…

…looking different from the air.

The Triumph’s days are numbered.

But not before a visit to the old west…

…with its mysterious roads that rise over and into the unknown…

…and tidbits of unwritten history.


The Sierra.

More unwritten history.

The Pacific.

An end of a road.

An end of another road – so to speak…

…and starting down a new one.

Revisiting Oregon’s coast…

…and its unwritten history.

On the McCloud River right-of-way…

…and the McCloud River with traveling buddy Edward…

…and our mutual pal.

Sunny in the Sierra…

… fog-bound on the coast...

...and, always, the sunsets.

The Church of the Open Road loves the diversity of the West – the mountains, the shorelines, the vistas, the history, the adventure and the people.   

We look forward to an expansive and adventuresome 2018 for all “parishioners.”  If you’re reading this, you’re one of ‘em.

Shots of the year?  Thought you’d never ask…

Third runner up: Classic view along the Oregon Coast.

Second runner up: Dusk on the harbor at Eureka.

First runner up: A final shot of Mom with her two boys.

Shot of the year:

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  1. What a beautiful look back at the year! I firmly believe when one lives between the mountains and the coast as we both do, we really get the best of everything. Everything is within a few hours ride/drive just depending on your mood or the weather.

    Happy New Year to you!