Monday, February 15, 2010

Ode to the Independent Bike Shop Owner

“ZHE AIRHEADS HAVE ALL JUST DISAPPEARED,” the old German speaks wistfully. “Oh, ‘casionally, you con find vun mit low mileage und it's been sitting in un old man’s garage. Und he gets on it vun day und he says, ‘I zhink I cun still hold zhis zhing up,’ und he finds he con’t.”

He pauses.

“Zhe passion,” he thumps his chest, “is still here. Zhat’s why I keep zhe shop open.

“Zhe bikes have changed a lot, but not all zhat much.”

He’s reminisced many times before. For me, this is a repeat performance. One I rather enjoy.

“As long as I still have zhe passion.”

He thumps his chest again. I thump mine and he smiles.

© 2009
Church of the Open Road Press


  1. I love the accent. It addes so much to what is being said.

  2. Today, hoist a stein in honor of Ozzie. Love the pic of the stock loading chute.

  3. Ozzie is of the greatest generation and he has repeatedly shown that through his business and his passion for excellence.

  4. Where do I sign up up for this here passion?

  5. The nice element of things mechanical is that we can take 'em apart and put 'em back together. With things human, we only get taken apart.