Saturday, November 19, 2011


… more purging of the pocket notebook…

I keep a notebook in my pocket while riding and gleaned from it these ten questions that came to mind while in the saddle going somewhere:

HOW LONG is an eon?

WHEN DID TOSSING litter out the window regain acceptance? [Corollary: When did leaving your shopping cart in the space next to where you parked become acceptable practice?]

WHAT DOES THIS FELLOW now know that the rest of us have yet to figure out?

WHY IS not being truthful all-of-the-sudden acceptable? [And to whom did Jesus lie?] [Corollary: If Rush can lie, why can’t I?]

A GUYS LIFTS a newspaper box, hauls it to a remote location, chisels open the coin box and retrieves a few quarters. What turns out to be his hourly rate?

WHEN SCIENCE CONFLICTS with Scripture, which one wins?

WHO ELECTED Grover Norquist to anything and why does anyone pay attention to him? [Corollary: Who elected Karl Rove?]

SPORTS ENCOURAGES development of character, we’re told. Specifically, what kind?”

UNDER WHAT CIRCUMSTANCES might bigger not be better?

HOW LONG did this oak live and how long it will stand as a monument to itself?

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Church of the Open Road Press

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  1. I'm pondering your questions on this beautiful fall day. I'm intrigued, but football is calling . . .