Thursday, November 3, 2011


Forester Gil Murray

DURING MY BRIEF TENURE as principal at Chester Elementary School I was, perhaps, the only person in town who had not been touched by Gil Murray. A year before I was appointed, Mr. Murray left home to assume the position listed in the plaque. Many, many somber days passed after he opened the Unabomber’s awful package in his office in Sacramento.

Gil was a Little League baseball coach, an ardent steward of the environment, and much loved in the community of Chester. I regret two things: That I never met the man and his untimely and uncalled for demise.

This little monument is located in Deer Creek Meadows on the old Lassen Trail a few yards west of Highway 32.

FITTING THAT WE SHOULD CONSIDER what we believe to be important and how we choose to express it.

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