Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MORE un American Graffiti

On Sunday, October 25, while driving down highway 49 from Grass Valley to Auburn, I stopped and removed three “Obama Sucks” signs from their postings on the public highway right-of-way. The signs were crudely written in black and red felt tipped pen on flat Styrofoam and stapled to trees and public signposts. I did this about a week ago as well.

If you live up that way - or if you live anywhere where you see this type of incivility happening - and you know who is contributing to this un-American graffiti I would encourage you to hold a little “beer summit” and remind the individual that the election is over and that the people who won, won. Further, you might suggest alternative and more constructive means by which the individual might bring about his or her desired change next time around.

It is time to let the elected govern. It is time for us to raise our sights toward intelligent conversations and debates about the issues of the day. Energy spent on name-calling and defamation of others is energy we cannot afford to waste, given all of the vital issues confronting our nation today. (And no, I don’t care what anyone thinks somebody or some group did or said about the former occupant(s) of the office. It wasn’t any more right then, either.)

Please know that I will continue to exercise my right to freedom of expression by removing defamatory signs on public property (but only from public property) regardless of who is defamed. I would encourage all responsible passers-by to do the same.


  1. Thanks for adding to civil discourse, Dave. Now did you recycle those signs? NICE pics--I'm fond of the Sutter Buttes, have family nearby. In fact, it looks like you're parked in their driveway. Did you notice any bullets whizzing by? :)

  2. Holy cow, Gayle! You've got relatives everywhere!!! Seriously, there is something intensely spiritual about the Sutter Buttes. I fell short of capturing the feeling in a peice I will post in the next week or so.

    Thanks for reading...

  3. As of November 1st, the rash of Obama Sucks signs along highway 49 has abated. Keep vigilant, tho...

  4. It is now over three full months later and no signs have re-appeared. Good for the good folks in Nevada County for shouting down the shouters. Too bad they had to do this.