Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Open Letter to Congressman Tom McClintock

I want to compliment you. First of all, sir, know that you and I are probably as opposed politically as any two folks can be: gay marriage, health care, banking regulation, the role of the Federal Government.

That said, I am writing in response to your recent survey of District 4 voters. Unlike past surveys, this tool actually gave respondents the chance to reply without feeling like an idiot for opposing something to which you or the Republican Party may be predisposed. I appreciate this. It shows respect for the electorate; something your predecessor was unable to do. It shows your willingness to engage in discussion and learn from those whom you represent, again, something lacking in the past.

As you listen to your constituents and view the input from survey respondents, please: VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE whether or not it is reflective of the majority opinion you receive from those living in District 4. You were elected because of your deeply held beliefs as a representative of the people – not to represent any one person or group of people, even if that group polls to be a majority. Please continue to let your bedrock tenets guide your decision-making for the District, even if, when reflecting on the input you may receive, you change your mind about a specific issue. Pandering to the vocal whims of a boisterous few is, in large part, what has reduced our democracy to its knees.

Whether we ever agree, my charge to you is to continue to fight the good fight for that in which you believe. If the majority of folks find your actions match their desires, your tenure in Congress will be long and storied. If, on the other hand your constituents believe something else, your commitment to principle and the integrity with which you approach each tough decision will prove to be a legacy of far more importance than just having occupied the seat or a long time.

With deep respect, and yet, pretty general disagreement: best to you sir.

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