Saturday, February 2, 2019


…a backyard adventure…

After an evening of drenching rain, a walk in the woods near our house seemed in order.

The brook, we find, has grown almost to creek size…

…and the trail – groomed though it is – is wet and slippery.

Bay leaves, accentuated by the moisture, offer their distinctive fragrance…

…and the madrone reach skyward, slick and shiny.

Sonoma County trail volunteers had recently widened and manicured the network of trails created by those of us who’d trespassed the area – even to the extent of adding stout and substantial bridges.

Now, I’m told by an acquaintance of mine who happens to be mayor – mayors are easy to meet in small towns such as ours – that the trails committee is seeking names for the paths and points of interest in the area.  

Edward and Candi chug up the trail, looking for that special place – the place Edward clearly enjoys – where he can wade and splash while we, the people in his entourage, try to negotiate a creek crossing on available rocks.

A section of the route clings to the edge of a wash-out.  One false step would surely be painful.

At last, Edward finds the old spot where he’s frolicked in the cascading rill – the place we’d named Edward’s Crossing – now bridged by a… well… bridge. I’m not entirely sure how he feels about this improvement.

To my acquaintance or the trails committee, I think I’ll suggest the appropriate name for this place whether Edward likes the new bridge or not…

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  1. Not sure why the format on this post is screwed up...

  2. Edward's Crossing sounds like a perfect name for that spot. A good, even if slippery, walk in the woods.